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What Is The Best Cellulite Cream?

Individuals react differently to various cellulite solutions. A lot of people however are now turning towards cellulite creams as a more affordable alternative to medical procedures. What can possibly be the best cellulite cream?

Commercial Products

No product will ever claim itself to be inferior. Each topical product will therefore claim to be the best cellulite cream. The truth however is that most of these products are cosmetic products. As a general rule, consistency in application is important for the best cellulite cream to show results. Common cosmetic products however simply mask the cellulite problem temporarily no matter how often you apply it on your skin. Once the product wears off, the cellulite will look as dimpled and as unsightly as before.

Common Ingredient

A lot of products claiming to be the best cellulite creams actually contain aminophylline. This ingredient was originally intended to relax the lungs to treat asthma. The problem with aminophylline however, is that some individuals have shown allergic reactions to the chemical. There are also a variety of other chemical components in common cellulite treatments that may cause allergic reactions.

For Best Results

It is generally accepted that cellulite creams can only really work if it has ingredients that can enter the bloodstream and break down fats and connective tissues. Theoretically, lab tests have shown that aminophylline can and does affect fat cells. When applied on the skin however, aminophylline may just be superficially absorbed by the skin and may not make it to the cellulite area. Theoretically then, this common cellulite cream ingredient may show better results when injected instead of just applied topically. An effective medical procedure still has to be devised though to effectively make use of this ingredient in injections.

Natural Ingredients

A lot of experts now seem to believe that the best cellulite cream is that which contains natural ingredients. Retinol, an active form of the antioxidant vitamin A for example, is thought to be a promising ingredient. Retinol can help increase the production of collagen and elastin to improve skin thickness and elasticity. It can also therefore improve the quality of rigid connective tissues made of collagen. Rigid connective tissues can contribute to the incidence of cellulite.

Retinol however may not be thoroughly effective when used alone. The best cellulite cream therefore should also use other ingredients that can also contribute to the reduction of cellulite. Other ingredients that have been studied and have shown some incredible potential to help treat cellulite are caffeine, algae extract and green tea extract.

These natural ingredients improve blood flow by breaking down fat cells. With proper blood flow, proper waste and excess fat elimination can therefore proceed. When these ingredients are mixed in a product with retinol and other natural ingredients, you can expect to have reduced cellulite.

Best Cellulite Cream

The best cellulite cream therefore is almost always that which has natural ingredients that can be safely used without the danger of harmful side effects. Natural products harness the natural healing and rejuvenating properties of nature itself.

By: Patricia Hammond

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