Is Liposculpture For Cellulite Removal Safe

Lipo : 10 Things You Should Know About Lipo And Liposculpture With Local Anesthesia

Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgeries procedures around the world. Every year thousands of people get rid of fat by liposuction. Though a balanced diet paired with regular exercise works for many, still others see little results despite large amounts of stress and frustration. Until now, the best solution for removing such fat was liposuction – a cosmetic procedure that literally sucks the fatty tissues out of the body and enables a person to effectively lose weight in a matter of minutes.Although liposuction is a pretty effective method for getting rid of fat, it carries some risks like pulmonary trhomboembolism and allergic reactions. Recently lipo experienced a major change. Dr Klein invented the tumescent lipo that is performed totally under local anesthesia, turning liposuction in a safe procedure with minimal downtime. Tumescent lipo is a revolution in fat removal – giving realistic meaning to the phrase "it melts fat away."

What is tumescent liposuction?
Tumescent lipo is a remarkable method for removing unwanted body fat through a low-pain, highly efficient process. Instead of the bulky tubes and uncomfortable office visits required of traditional liposuction, tumescent lipo utilizes microcanulas and the vibrolipo equipment which causes less trauma and gives the surgeon more precision for body scuplting.

How does Tumescent Lipo work?
Through a tiny incision, the klein solution is infused, turning the fat cells swollen ( tumescent) which is easier to suction. A gentle suction then massages the dissolved fat out of the body. A very small percentage is retained, absorbed into the body, and excreted as waste within 24 hours.

Why should I choose Tumescent Lipo over conventional liposuction?
Many features set Tumescent lipo apart from traditional liposuction such as length of visits, comfort, recovery time, and reduced scarring and bruising. Traditional liposuction requires about seven days of down time post-procedure, general anesthesia, additional surgical procedures to touch up what the liposuction cannot achieve, stitches, six week compression garment, and an unpleasant tube that vacuums out fat. Tumescent, on the other hand, uses only local anesthesia and microcanullas for fat removal, which results in a safer, more effective and simpler procedure, with minimal downtime ( people can get back to work about 2 days after tumescent lipo ).

Lipo with local anesthesia is: 1) safer, 2)faster, 3)provides better results,4)minimal downtime, 5)no scars, 6)permanent results, 7)local anesthesia only , 8)30-50% cheaper, 9)lasts 1-2h 10)simple procedure

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