Cellulite Remedies With Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Cellulite Remedies

Learn which 3 essential oils should be used in an aromatherapy cellulite remedy. Find out why certain carrier oils are recommended in this instance, and which two massage approaches can be used.

Aromatherapy oils have many therapeutic benefits that extend beyond them improving mood by simply smelling nice! It is these benefits that can be combined with self-massage to improve the appearance of cellulite. Whilst even the most expensive store-bought creams and treatments won’t eliminate cellulite permanently, the appearance of cellulite can be improved with regular treatments, and this extends to in-home remedies. This article will discuss why self-massage can help, and what aromatherapy oils and carrier bases lend themselves to this home spa experience. With a little daily persistence, these nurturing remedies can save you some money too!

There are three essential oils that are particularly recommended for cellulite treatment. These are juniper, lavender, and rosemary. Juniper and rosemary are both diuretic oils that stimulate the flow of blood and lymph, improve circulation, and reduce puffiness, swelling, and water retention. These qualities are important in relation to cellulite when you consider that it is the result of fluid accumulation in the fatty layer of the skin. This happens when there are problems in the microcirculation, and its’ believed to be associated with our hormones – especially estrogen.

Lavender is a beautifully scented oil that is relaxing and great for stress. But it also has benefits for the skin. It is toning, and has a revitalizing effect. When these oils are combined with a therapeutic carrier oil, they can be massaged into the skin for a good alternative cellulite remedy.

Carrier oils are important when using aromatherapy. Not only do they have a nourishing effect on their own, but some oils can be irritating when applied directly to the skin. This is especially true of sensitive skin types. Another point to consider is that the essential oils are usually quite thin compared to regular oil, and more expensive when you compare volume. The carrier oil allows the essential oil to be massaged, rather than being absorbed too quickly. And massage is integral to using aromatherapy effectively when it comes to cellulite.

Massage is well known in helping with circulation. Certain types of massage are specialized in improving the flow of lymph. Called lymphatic drainage, this massage is characterized by very soft strokes that go in certain directions associated with the body’s circulatory system. In contrast, some types of cellulite treatments that mimic massage in different ways – by incorporating suction cups and other tools – draw on the tradition of deep tissue massage. The upshot of all this is that people wanting to try this form of home massage have a choice in what type of strokes and pressure they will use.

There are a number of different carrier oils that can be used. These include rosehip, jojoba, grape seed, and avocado oil. Some of these oils are generally used in smaller amounts, so a mixture is actually good.

* Avocado – this oil penetrates deeply, thus it will carry the essential oils more deeply into the skin, increasing their effectiveness. It also has a softening effect, and tends to be mixed with other carrier oils.
* Grape seed oil has a mild astringent effect, which is good for toning the skin. Also quite nourishing, grape seed has linoleic acid in it, an essential fatty acid. Essential fatty acids are important for healthy cell membranes. Grape seed oil can be used in larger quantities, and is often used as a base with other carrier oils mixed in.
* Rosehip also contains essential fatty acids, this time GLA. Whilst generally used as an anti aging oil on the face, it is a good source of vitamin C which is important in skin health.
* Jojoba – though actually a liquid wax, jojoba is similar in structure to the oils in our skin, and has antioxidant properties. It is more expensive and is absorbed quickly, making it best in mixture of carrier oils when used in an anti-cellulite massage.

Combine The Arometherapy Products With The Massage Tecniques From The Video Below:

Aromatherapy cellulite remedies can be a lovely experience, providing benefits on many levels. As well as improving circulation and skin tone, with the use of massage they can help women improve the appearance of cellulite. Their scent can also make this a pampering and destressing daily experience.

By Rebecca Prescott
Published: 4/19/2007

Get Rid of Cellulite with Aromatherapy
To get rid of cellulite one of the best things anyone can do is to eat healthy and exercise

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