Cellulite Body Wraps

Body Wraps For Cellulite

Body wrapping is one of the newest cellulite elimination techniques. A cellulite body wrap consists of a special wraps or an article of clothing manufactured from of plastic or rubber, worn or wrapped around, covering the waist, hips and thighs.

Others may cover almost the entire body. Presently a greater number of beauty salons and spas offer body wrapping as one of their services. This procedure is thought to reduce the cellulite from waist, hips, and thight by inches. Since cellulite is mainly water-saturated fat tissue, a person can lose inches, though not pounds, in a few hours as a result of the body being wrapped in this special material for in a few hours. This is ideal if you need to lose a few emergency inches quickly for a special occasion.

The good news is these body wraps can also be administered at home. You can wear this special type of clothing as you are conducting daily activities, such as sleeping or shopping. There are several varieties of body wraps. They work in various ways. Some of them are inflated by using your vacuum cleaner. Others use devices, like hair dryers, for example to add warm air. It is also possible to use a lotion or cream following the wrap or even directly on the wrap.

Many experts concur that using a body wrap can lead to lost inches and sometimes pounds. However, this can be simply explained by lost perspiration, achieved by removing excess body fluid. Unfortunately, for the most part, these are temporary reductions because the lost fluids are replaced after eating and drinking. Additionally, the process of removing body fluids in this way can have harmful effects. The dehydration as a result of this process can lead electrolyte imbalance in the body.

If you have body wrapping done little by little, by a reputable spa, great results can be achieved. The price range for a body wrapping session varies from $40 into the thousands, depending on the wrap’s level of sophistication and the results you want to achieve.

Targeted Cellulite Exercise Is The Best Home Treatment

Some spas even offer natural and herbal wraps. A variety of herbs are used and can aid body wrapping by increasing the body’s circulation or by soothing your skin. The process for body wrapping can be complex and can, at times, be unpleasant. The release of the toxins can even make you feel as if you have a fever. This toxin release is as a result of the herb-infused sheets wrapped around your body. The result of which is that all the toxins are eliminated from your body as a result of this detoxification process, cellulite gradually disappears from the body. Mud, salt, and seaweed are other body wrapping favorites. These are all very popular body wraps. Generally, in the course of this process, the client is wrapped from the neck to their toes with their arms pressed close to the sides of their body. For those with claustrophobia, this can be an extremely uncomfortable experience, and is therefore, not recommended.

Regardless of the type of body wrap you select, it is important that you feel comfortable with the spa or beauty salon of your choice. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the person conducting the body wrap is well-trained and is always nearby to help you. The chosen spa can make a great difference. Therefore, it is worthwhile to do some research before you begin the body wrapping process.

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