Cellulite and Laser Light Treatment

Laser Treatment for Cellulite

Read on to know more about Laser treatment for cellulite reduction in the body…

Cellulite: What is it?

Cellulite is the deposit of fatty cells which gets caught underneath the connecting tissues of the skin. These tissues are not elastic like the skin and do not allow for expansion and contraction, and the fatty deposits that get accumulated there cannot move out. This causes that particular area of the skin to have a certain dimpled look, not unlike the surface of an orange peel. Many factors cause the accumulation of cellulite within the human body. These include factors such as hereditary factors, stress, smoking, eating fatty foods, different medicines, and dehydration.

Cellulite Treatments

There are several treatments available for the reduction of cellulite in the body. These include different massages, exercises, injections and even cosmetic surgery. One of these methods is Laser Treatment.

Laser Treatment for Cellulite Removal

The word ‘Laser’ actually stands for ‘Light Amplification by the Simulated Emission of Radiation’. Thus a laser beam is effectively a beam of light which is directed and focused to a specific point. This kind of treatment for cellulite reduction using laser beams is actually quite new, but is said to be quite effective. In this, a laser beam is directed onto the parts of the body where cellulite has accumulated. The laser beam then heats the cells until they rupture and move out from under the connective tissues.

Many people have reported a lot of success from this method of cellulite removal. This laser treatment for cellulite is often used in combination with other surgical and non surgical processes. The first kind of treatment is where laser treatment is coupled with liposuction. This often helps with the recovery and healing process after the surgery. The laser treatment, in this case, can be carried out either before or after the liposuction surgery. Another process which includes laser treatment for cellulite removal is called the ‘Tri-Active’. In this laser treatment is combined with massage treatment and the draining of lymph glands with a pump. This causes an elimination of tissue oxygenation and waste, while restoring connective tissues.

Laser treatment leaves the skin feeling smooth, radiant and velvety to touch. Thus, the skin gains it original texture after the surgery. However, this treatment process lasts for several sessions and can prove to be quite expensive. Also, this treatment is available only in specialized clinics and is practiced by specialized cosmetic surgeons. This kind of laser surgery can also be used to remove tattoes, scars, wrinkles and birthmarks as well.

After The Laser Treatment for Cellulite Removal

It must be noted, however, that a lot of care must be taken after the laser treatment for cellulite removal. The recovery process must be followed very strictly to ensure that the cellulite does not get deposited again. This means that after this treatment, patients are advised to exercise and maintain a healthy diet with less carbohydrates, fats and oils. Regular massage sessions are also recommended to maintain the body shape and contour and also to ensure that cellulite does not get deposited again under the tissue layers.

One must also remember to avoid smoking, and the use of laxative and diuretic pills as they can also contribute to the accumulation of cellulite in the body. Salt should be kept to the minimum as it causes the retention of water in the body.

However, one must remember to follow other methods to avoid the cellulite accumulation after the treatment is over. Because, although this treatment can give you immediate results, it is up to you to maintain the results for a long time to come.

Thus, there is an effective method of obtaining directed or targeted results for cellulite removal from the human body. This method is Laser Treatment for cellulite removal.

By Madhavi Ghare
Published: 1/30/2008

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