Cellulean The New Cellulite Reduction Cream

Cellulean Cream Can Reduce Cellulite Effectively At Home

I know, I haven’t been a lover of cellulite creams and I know I’ve knocked them in other posts on this site. But I’m willing to eat humble pie if something extraordinary comes along. Especially if you can get hold of it to use at home.

It’s been a while coming, but I’m more than pleased to say that Cellulean is now available, visit the site by


So, How does Cellulean work?

Research from the last 10 years has shown that a side effect of the asthma drug Aminophylline causes fat cells to shrink by causing them to release lipids, Doctors unexpectedly observed localized fat reduction in women’s thighs after injecting them with Aminophylline, leaving dimples where the injection had taken place. But up until now there was no way that cream including Aminophylline could pass through the skin to the cottage cheese layers.

But now the makers of Cellulean have put it together with a pharmaceutical grade transdermal carrying agent called Transcutol to get the active ingredients deep into the layers of fat where they go to work at helping reduce the unwanted fat.

As Cellulean is used topically there is no need for a prescription Other ingredients forskolin and yohimbe are synergistic aids working to shrink the fat cells.  Caffeine naturally causes the fat cells to dehydrate deep beneath the skin, thus magnifying the effects of Cellulean. Vitamins A and E work on rejuvenating and moisturizing the surface skin.

In four weeks your legs will become visibly smoother, slimmer, firmer, and more beautiful! You will love the results of Cellulean!

Cellulean Cellulite Treatment Is Fast ’Orange Peel’ Loss in a Lotion

Cellulean is applied the same as any other moisturizing lotion and it is recommended to apply it twice daily. It soon gets absorbed into the skin so you don’t have to wait very long before getting dressed. Cellulean is a clean, fresh and easy way to get your body back in shape. Cellulean’s age defying, hypo-allergenic formula is dermatologically tested, and clinically proven to help make you look gorgeous again.

You can read all about the clinical trials and results and what users thought about Cellulean and how women lost 2″ from their thighs by


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The Most Effective Way To Lose Cellulite

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