Anti Cellulite Remedy – Is It Mesotherapy

Anti Cellulite Remedy – The Mighty Mesotherapy Gun

Mesotherapy is not exactly a natural cellulite cure, but then again, it isn’t really surgery either. The best way to describe a mesotherapy treatment is by associating it with a flu shot or injection — Because in reality, that is all it really is; an anti-cellulite ‘shot’ given to you with a mesotherapy gun.

Mesotherapy treatment is a rather uncomplicated & hassle free procedure. You don’t have to stay overnight in a hospital and you won’t have any scaring or "down time" after the procedure is completed. As a matter of fact, most patients can go home the very same day, within just hours of the treatment.

"Uh, you still haven’t said what happens? How is the cellulite removal actually performed?" Generally, the masotherapist, with the help of their trusty mesotherapy gun, will administer an injection to a cellulite plagued area. The chemical compound contained within the gun will be injected directly into the fat beneath the skin and dispersed into the area. Within a short period of time, the compound will begin to break up & melt away the cellulite — thereby allowing it to be flushed out of the body through the bowels and kidneys. As the mesotherapy treatment injections gradually continue, total cellulite removal is virtually guaranteed.

"What is in mesotherapy injections?" The exact cellulite eliminating concoction differs from person to person and from area to area, and it also depends on the masotherapist performing the procedure. But generally, the ingredients included are a combination of cellulite fighting vitamins, minerals, and medications.

By: Sean Saunders

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